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Independent Research Projects undertaken by Faculty
Chaitra Redkar:

• Recently completed an independent research project
  ‘Political Biography of Sane Guruji’. The study uses archival
  sources to explore hitherto ignored contribution of Sane
  Guruji to the working class movement and peasants’
  movement in Maharashtra in general and that in the East
  and West Khandesh in particular. This work also explores
  Sane Guruji’s thinking about Nationalism on the one hand
  and class – caste inequalities on the other. This work is now
  published in Marathi.

• Completed an independent research project ‘Understanding
   non – party politics: A Case Study of Hind MazdoorSabha
  (HMS), RashtraSeva Dal and SamajwadiMahilaSabha (SMS).
  This project studied the politics of various socialist
  organizations which had deliberately refused to get labeled
  as front organizations of Socialist Party. Data was collected
  rom the extensive interviews with senior trade unionists and
  socialist activists as well as from the back issues of Hind
  MazdoorPatrika, Seva Dal Patrika etc. Part of this research
  is published in form of an article.

Department of Political Science,
SNDT Women’s University,
Mumbai – 400020
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Head I/C of Department
Dr. Chaitra Redkar

• Ph.D. in Political Science
• M. A. in Political Science
• PG Diploma in Civil Society Politics

Teaching Faculty

• Dr. Chaitra Redkar (Assistant Professor and In
  charge Head)
• Dr. Manisha Madhava (Associate Professor)